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When I lived in Tokyo about 3 lives ago I ate a lot of eringi without knowing all the properties they have (you can read more details about their properties below). They are simply part of the diet in Japan.


Now, thanks to local mushroom growers, we can begin to offer you varieties of kimchis and other mushroom ferments. This is the first.


Perfect for a sourdough bread sandwich with melted matured cheese, butter... for some tacos, for sautéed rice.


Ingredients:eringi, long onion, garlic, chili flakes, kimchi brine, ginger, sea salt.



Pleurotus Eryngii (Ocean Mushroom) are full of natural antioxidants. They have especially high levels of ergothioneine, an antioxidant found in mushroom mycelium and fruit bodies that helps reduce free radical damage and oxidative stress. L-ergothioneine is the only antioxidant that has been found to have its own cellular transport mechanism – it is a master antioxidant.

Unlike other nutrients, L-ergothioneine is not produced by the human body and must be obtained from other sources in our diet. They also contain a large amount of selenium, another essential antioxidant. These powerful superfoods have been shown to lower cholesterol and help with weight loss. They have been linked to a lower risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer. And extracts  have also been shown to have antiviral properties and support bone health.

Kimchi from Orellanas

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