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"The three of us in this family are trying experiments week after week happily!!! Thank you for helping me discover the ability to compose flavors and colors. The number 1 fan is my son who is 8 years old. I am surprised."

Cata L.

"My son is cooking with me... a 9-year-old boy fermenting. He told me he wants to be a Youtuber chef. You should him talking about ghee and bone broths, saying they are healthy and that we should all eat them, that healthy fats are the best...!"

Maffer P.

"Thanks to the sessions with Tomás I have become aware of what nourishes me and does me good. Before, I actually reacted on a whim to my nutrition. So thank you very much."

Isa L.

"One of the many gifts that Tomás gave me was to make me aware of the importance of my relationship with food since it influences the quality of my thoughts and therefore my ability to manifest reality. Thanks to his support I have managed not only to improve my health but also to be closer to who I want to be. Thank you!"

Sebastian D.

"I'm almost done with the second jar of the fermented morita chili. I use it practically for everything. This sauce is crazy. My body asks for it."

Philip M.

"It's a warmth so full of hugs that you want to lie on the sofa with a good book and stay there."

Paul R.

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