Big 40

Opatija, Croatia 2016

Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes.I turned 40 on August 1st, celebrating it in Croatia right now, and a backflip into the Adriatic Sea near Opatija. Thank you Matek.

Update to this blogpost - January 2020: Little did I know that this backflip was a sign of what the next 3.5 years would bring me until today. Full of gratitude for this exponential growth in a process that has made me more humble, vulnerable, focused and has allowed me to leave narratives that did not belong to me behind, in addition to healing my relationship with Colombia, my motherland, and allowing myself to be reborn here. Re-cognizing myself constantly is perhaps the most profound and transformative process I have lived through so far and I have not done it alone, but with the help of great teachers. Grateful and full of love for the mystical connection I have with the natural world and spirit, for my Colombian tribe, my family, and my tribe around the world. Thank you.